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2,500 Sales in December, 74,000 in 2008

There were 2,577 sales in December 2008, compared to the 4,646 recorded during the same month in 2007, and the 4,447 recorded in December 2006. Sales for the whole of 2008 were 74,552, compared to the 93,193 recorded in 2007,…

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Renovation Hell

I find myself in the midst of what I have fondly named 'Renovation Hell'. Yes... the photo you see is of my poor bathroom. I feel the need to add and perhaps relist some of the tips. …

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Over 3,600 Sales In November

The 2008 year-to-date sales for the GTA was recorded at 72,086 from last year’s 88,695. The year-to-date GTA average price was $379,489 from last year’s $375,445

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It’s Not All Doom & Gloom

The media would like to have people believe that Toronto's real estate market is in a post apocalyptic state. This is not so. There are Buyers and there are Sellers. Michael Manley, owner of Prudential Properties Plus…

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GTA Housing Market Measured in September

In the City of Toronto, the current average price of $393,647 declined six per cent from the September 2007 average of $420,182. Compared to the September 2006 average of $371,682 though, prices in Toronto for September 2008 have increased six…

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