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Carpenter ants are no laughing matter

Did you know that carpenter ants can cost thousands of dollars worth of damage to your biggest asset? Don’t fall victim to these pests.  Spring and summer is the time when they’re most active.  Look for piles of frass (sawdust like in appearance) along walls, retaining walls, foundations, and steps. Sometimes you may even here a faint rustling noise in your walls. Carpenter ants can enter your house anywhere and unlike termites, are not fully reliant on moisture although they do prefer it.  It’s important to look for, find, and treat any areas you may suspect are infested. Your best bet is to have a professional pest control company deal with any colonies, and if confirmed, have the area inspected and repaired by a qualified professional.  Even better is performing preventative maintenance and if necessary preventative treatment. Below are some useful links with more information and preventative measures you can take.

Government of Canada information on Carpenter ants

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