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Put a Spring in Your Garden Steps

Your home is your habitat, and your garden is your sanctuary.  To make the journey between the two more pleasing, lead yourself down a perfect garden path.  A garden path or walkway will enhance the livability, functionality, and beauty of…

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Roll Out a New Rug

Using Area Rugs to Refresh Your Rooms Spring has sprung, and home improvement thoughts have begun.  If you’re looking for a simple, affordable way to spruce up a room, the solution might be right under your feet.  The right rug…

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5 Ways to Liven Up Your Laundry Room

Whether your laundry area is part of a modern mudroom, or stuck in the dark recesses of your basement, it’s probably the messiest, most neglected part of your home.  But its winter, and there’s no better time to pay a…

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8 Steps to Creating Your Bedroom Retreat

When the temperature drops, there's nothing like a warm, cozy bedroom where you can shut the door, be yourself and just relax at the end of a long day. This winter, treat yourself to a bedroom "getaway" that's comfortable, restful…

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Making the Best Kitchen Countertop Choice

Nowadays, kitchens are not only built for food preparation and dining, but also for entertaining. This is especially apparent when you consider how many kitchens have adopted an open concept floor plan, making them easily accessible from other rooms in…

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